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How Long Should You Expect Your Photocopier To Last?


On average, companies spend around $35,000 a year on copying and printing needs. For a small business, that’s quite an investment—one that could leave you wondering how much mileage you can expect to get out of your office equipment. Here’s a look at some of the major factors that could influence your equipment’s lifeline.

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Xerox Versant Family Finishing Options


Robust finishing options include our versatile new Production Ready Finisher, handling more pages, larger sizes and heavier weights. Mix and match options include the Xerox Inserter, Xerox Basic Punch and our new Xerox Two-Sided Trimmer with a buffering component to keep your Versant press printing fast. Add the Xerox SquareFold Trimmer to automatically create full bleed, perfect-bound-like booklets inline.

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Color Reignited


Iridescent Colors and Specialty Embellishments Never Seen Before in Digitally Printed Pieces Now a Reality

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About CDS

Beyond copiers and printers, CDS offers a full suite of technology solutions ranging from Managed Print Services, to Managed IT Services, and Project-Based IT Services, providing our customers a Single Source for all their business technology needs.

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