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Get performance and reliability with toner/ink cartridges and other consumables formulated to provide the best image quality and most reliable printing. If your contract includes supplies, fill out the form to request supplies. Submissions after 4:00 pm eastern may not be processed until the next business day.

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FSMA Copier & Printer Supplies

Our Full Service and Maintenance Agreements (FSMA) and Managed Print Services (MPS) agreements provides certain supplies on a cost-per-copy basis and are offered with leased or owned copiers and printers. These supplies are the discretion of CDS and remain the property of CDS until consumed. Inventory quantities on location may not be sold or used in other equipment.

Most agreements offer Auto-Replenishment of supplies. This requires meter reads be furnished periodically for billing purposes (typically through our software), but additional meter reads may be requested to validate the quantity of supplies beyond the expected usage. Remember, if you have a heavy job that will use toner/ink faster than normal, notify us in advance and we’ll send you the supplies that our systems won’t be able to predict.

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Beyond recycling, Managed Print Customers can enroll in a reforestation program through our partnership with PrintReleaf. PrintReleaf is the only technology platform that measures customers' paper usage and equates the number of trees needed to reforest that usage on an equivalent basis. The patented PrintReleaf technology not only tracks paper consumption, but also monitors PrintReleaf reforestation partners to ensure fulfillment.

For more information, please visit www.printreleaf.com.

Two Leaves

Green World Alliance

Xerox customers return more than 2.5 million cartridges and toner containers annually through the Green World Alliance recycling program. When you replace your spent consumable, save the box the new consumable comes in. Place your spent consumable inside the box, then put that box into your cardboard box to return the spent supply item to Xerox.

To order supply return labels (if using your own box) click here.

To order Eco-Boxes (with return labels) click here.

Customer Responsibilities & Expectations

In order to keep you up and running, please facilitate access to the correct personnel (POC) who can assist us if a device or reporting software stops reporting. Please inform us if the POC for your organization changes.

Our system monitors when supply items are ordered, shipped, delivered, and inserted into the equipment for which it was ordered - including the remaining level at the time of replacement. This data is tracked on a supply “Scorecard” for each individual equipment we monitor.  System monitoring is performed via designated tools that must be either installed on a local client/server or by a reporting hardware tool. Some examples of tools are:

  • Xerox Direct Service/Supply – XDA Lite/Device Direct
  • XPPS (Xerox Partner Print Services) – XDA
  • CDS Direct Service/Supply – FM Audit

Auto-replenishment trigger levels are based on the supply consumption rate. Industry leading algorithms ensure that supplies are shipped in a timely manner based off of your usage. Your calculated usage patterns and trigger alerts are based on “Estimated Empty Dates” which can vary from 70%  to 5% and can even be vastly different among the various supply items.

  • Waste containers are not typically auto-replenished due to the way they are manufactured. They only report 100% (Empty) or 5% (Full). We will attempt to trigger waste containers based on usage, but it is recommended the customer contact Service Helpdesk to manually order them as needed.
  • Toners and Drums should not be replaced until the device states to “Replace Now.” If a supply needs to be replaced early due to quality issues as per the instructions of a Qualified Service Tech or Analyst, please inform the Service Helpdesk, as replacing supplies early may cause the next trigger alert to be skipped.

Supplies are to be used for the specific Serial Number/Equipment Number listed on the package. Using Supplies from other units will affect the device’s scorecard and prevent Supplies from shipping when needed. If a supply needs to be used for a device not listed on the label, then Service Helpdesk needs to be notified: gethelp@cds-yes.com or service@cds-yes.com depending on your location

"Safety Stock" or "On The Shelf” supplies are not allowed under most auto-replenishment programs. If you have a large job upcoming, or seasonally high usage, please reach out to the Service Helpdesk to ensure that either supplies have been triggered or manually sent out to accommodate the unusual usage.

If a unit is in an environment where it is impossible to run a reporting tool it is your responsibility to reach out monthly with meter reads and to proactively reach out to the Service Helpdesk for Supplies. Current meter reads will be requested when you order supplies.

As always, please refer to your specific service contract as your unique terms and conditions may vary slightly from the above.