An Easy Way To Boost Productivity on Your Xerox MFP

June 30, 2020

Since the inception of mobile apps nearly a decade ago, app downloads are one of the fastest growing trends in the world today. According to, mobile users downloaded a whopping 178.1 billion apps in 2017. Even more astounding is the prediction that this number is likely to double by 2022.

If it’s fun to use, or can make life or work easier, technology users want it!

Because of this, people have become more comfortable with technology, and are increasingly open to trying new ways to communicate, store, and share both personal and professional information. Now, a rising trend even in the office equipment space, are productivity apps on multifunctional copiers and printers that transform everyday copiers and printers into productivity hubs.

One such platform is Xerox’s ConnectKey technology — a combination of Xerox’s legendary hardware and cutting edge software from Xerox and its partners designed to improve the way people work. Quite simply, ConnectKey delivers a total productivity ecosystem for small to mid-sized businesses right out of the box.

Key features include:

  • Mobile printing, scanning and faxing to and from the Cloud
  • One-touch workflows for complicated and frequently used tasks
  • Ease of use for users and IT admins alike
  • Energy saving tools
  • Secure solutions

Mobile and One-Touch Workflows

Regardless of where they are, remote employees can access what they need, when they need it. ConnectKey also allows for one-touch workflows from various services such as such as DropBox™, Google Drive™ and Microsoft Office 365. You can also print, scan and fax directly from your phone or tablet by connecting to the multifunctional printer (MFP) with the Xerox Mobile Link App.

Consistent Look and Feel

Instead of an employee having to remember how to use different devices across an office, ConnectKey streamlines the user interfaces across all Xerox ConnectKey enabled devices so everything has the same look and feel. Interfaces can also be customized so users can access commonly used features. ConnectKey also takes the guesswork out of network configuration with easy to use tools for IT administrators such as fleet-wide configuration of address books.

Easy on Energy

Office equipment can quickly drain your operating budget if not managed. ConnectKey devices are compatible with energy management solutions, such as Cisco EnergyWise, which help you reduce your energy consumption. ConnectKey can also help your organization control your printing costs with features such as two-sided printing default settings, and a built-in technology that prevents a second pass of the print engine if only one page was sent.


ConnectKey devices also come with a number of security enhancements such as encryption, secure print, print queue deletion, and hard disk overwrite. Information is also protected in-transit with enhanced encryption and the ability to add on third-party enhancements such as McAfee Whitelisting.

Becoming a ConnectKey user is as simple as acquiring a ConnectKey capable device, selecting and configuring your desired productivity apps (most can be customized to meet your unique business needs), and go!

ConnectKey extends the functionality of copiers with a simple user interface that is not only easy for everyone in the office to use, but also enhances security, and promotes smart energy consumption. Ready to enhance your office’s productivity and get some time back in your day?

Get started today - chances are, if it’s taking you more time than you’d like, there’s most likely an app to solve it.


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