What is Social Engineering?


Cybercriminals have a wide variety of tactics they use to infiltrate networks, impersonate people or businesses, and steal all of the information they possibly can. What's similar about many of these tactics is that they all involve a process called social engineering. Find out what it is and how to prevent cybercriminals from using it against you or your business.

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What is Phishing and Why is it a Threat?


In this blog post, I'll give you a few tips on how to protect yourself from phishing scams and explain why it's a threat to your business.

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What is Spoofing and Why is it a Threat?


If you have ever used email (which we all have), it’s likely that you have seen a spoofed email in your inbox. Spoofing happens so often because it is an easy and relatively simple way for scammers to deceive businesses—and unsuspecting consumers—into thinking that they are interacting with a trusted party.

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Why You Should Know About Business Email Compromise (BEC) and What to do to Prevent It


Let me introduce you to Business email compromise (BEC), also known as email account compromise (EAC). Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Unfortunately, it isn't.

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