Will Your Medical Office’s Computers Be HIPAA Compliant on January 14?


If your office has computers running Windows 7 or Windows servers running Server 2008, we’ve put together some tips to get you on your way to remaining compliant.

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Why Data Silos Will Suck the Life Out of Your Business


One of the biggest challenges that an organization can face is when information lives in “silos” within their IT infrastructure. Systems do not talk to each other and data lives within multiple applications with restricted user access. There is no feasible (or cost effective) way to get all of the information to connect. Over time, companies resort to adding third-party software to supplement operations, leaving a tangled web of data connections. 

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Run Your Business, Not Your IT Department Ragged


Now more than ever, how you choose to manage all of the moving parts of your business’ IT infrastructure is critical to the success of your business.

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The Road to a Well-Planned Solution


Whatever the price, or complexity of a solution, not all IT service providers are created equal. At CDS, we believe in solutions that make sense for our customers, not the other way around. Managing your IT is simple with a single point of contact, and a single bill for all of your services, so you’re not wasting time trying to figure out who to call for help. If that doesn’t sound your current IT situation, these tips will help keep you on the right track when seeking a new provider.

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About CDS

Beyond copiers and printers, CDS offers a full suite of technology solutions ranging from Managed Print Services, to Managed IT Services, and Project-Based IT Services, providing our customers a Single Source for all their business technology needs.

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