Toners, Paper, Savings: Is Your Law Office Using The Right Strategies to Reduce Printing Overhead?

The quest for efficient and cost-effective practices remains a priority in the ever-evolving legal industry. At CDS, we work with thousands of attorneys and law offices to optimize their document management setup. This article delves into practical strategies attorneys and law offices can employ to optimize printing and document-related processes. We explore considerations such as Managed Print Services (MPS), document management systems, the choice between black and white versus colored printing, and other solutions to enhance operational efficiency.

Tailored Managed Print Services (MPS) 

Managed Print Services offers a tailored approach to printing solutions and document management, providing a comprehensive framework for monitoring and managing printing activities. By understanding the unique needs of your law office, you can optimize your printing infrastructure, minimizing downtime and achieving cost savings. MPS addresses immediate concerns and lays the groundwork for sustainable and efficient printing practices. It helps understand your printing needs, allocate resources, and track who is printing documents and what is being printed. 

Print Management Solutions (PMS) - Streamlining Workflows

Print Management Solutions like ParperCut, offered by CDS, provide law offices and attorneys with innovative and efficient ways to reduce waste due to printing and document handling. With print management solutions like PaperCut, your organization can secure all documents before, during, and after printing and control device access, implement secure print release, or even digitally sign and watermark your print jobs to take security to a new level. 

Black and White Printing vs. Colored Printing - Strategic Choices

Law offices often face decisions regarding whether to print documents in black and white or color. Strategic choices can be made based on the nature of the document. Opting for black-and-white printing can be a cost-effective choice for routine internal documents. Conversely, reserving color printing for client-facing materials or documents that require visual impact balances like printed evidence that must be shown in full-color printing cost considerations and communication needs. The CDS team helps legal organizations evaluate their printing needs make copier recommendations based on those needs.

Electronic Signatures - Modernizing Legal Processes

Adopting electronic signatures is transforming how legal documents are signed and processed. This modernization not only reduces reliance on physical paperwork but also expedites processes. Attorneys can explore electronic signature platforms to streamline workflows, ultimately contributing to increased efficiency in the legal practice.

Energy-Efficient Devices - Sustainability Considerations

Considering energy-efficient printers and copiers aligns with sustainability goals. While contributing to environmental conservation, these devices also offer long-term cost savings. Exploring default settings for duplex printing further promotes sustainable practices within law offices, fostering a mindful approach to resource usage. 

Empowering and Educating Legal Teams on Cost-Saving Best Practices.

According to Gartner, 3% – 5% of most companies' annual budget is spent on erroneous and unnecessary print costs. For example, printing documents that should have been kept as digital copies, printing on only one side of the paper instead of duplex printing, or printing more pages than required. Educational initiatives are crucial in empowering legal professionals to leverage available technologies effectively. Training programs can familiarize legal teams with the nuances of MPS, document management systems, and other solutions, ensuring that these tools are used to their full potential. An informed team is better equipped to embrace cost-effective and environmentally conscious practices.

Attorneys and law offices can make informed decisions to enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs. Whether through optimizing printing infrastructure, adopting document management systems, or making strategic choices in printing, the legal industry can leverage these solutions to navigate the evolving landscape effectively. The key lies in a thoughtful and deliberate approach to embracing technologies that align with each legal practice's unique needs and values.


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