Xerox Versant Family Finishing Options

August 11, 2020

Xerox® Interface DecurlerModule

Inline paper cooling and decurler unit improves throughput and efficiency,connectingProduction Ready finishing modules and ensuring flat sheets for reliability andspeed.

Xerox® Inserter

Inserts 250 preprinted or blanksheets into printed documents, and because of where it is placed, enablesdownstream finishing on inserted sheets, like trimming, stacking, punching,foldingand stapling.

GBCAdvancedPunch Pro

Punches for coil and comb bindingnearlineorpunches and binds inlinewithGBC eWire™. Easy-to-insert punch/hole die sets are available. Abletopunch a variety of standard sheets in long or short edge, tabs and weights upto 300 gsm, including XLS banner printing on the Versant 3100. Supportscommonly used offline binding styles like comb, coil, wire, ring,GBC ProClick® and VeloBind®.

Xerox® High Capacity Stacker

Enables stacking and offsettingfor 5,000 sheets up to 350gsm,using standard size sheets or custom sizes (maximum 13 x19.21"/330 x 488 mm to minimum 8 x 7.2"/203 x 182 mm); stacking traywith a movable cart. Includes a 500-sheet top tray for proofs/output. An optionfor a Dual High Capacity Stacker is available for the Versant 3100.

Xerox® Two-Sided Trimmer

Trims the head and foot of asheet up to 0.985" (25 mm) with a minimum trim of0.236" (6 mm) using standard or custom sizes (maximum 13 x19.21"/330 x 488 mm to minimum 7.7 x 8.3"/194 x 210 mm) on uncoated andcoatedstocks up to 350 gsm. Includes a buffering unit that extends print productivityduring trimming. For the Production Ready Finisher and Booklet Maker.

When combined with ProductionReady Finisher and Booklet Maker and Xerox®SquareFold® Trimmer, can create full bleed,flat-edged booklets from 4.27 x 7.17"/108.5x182mm upto 9.5 x 12.5"/242x318mm.

Xerox® C/Z Fold Module

Produces sheets with C or Z foldsfor 8.5 x 11" (A4), half-Zfold on larger stocks reducing to 8.5 x 11" (A4) on 64–90 gsm uncoated.For the Production Ready Finisher and Booklet Maker.

Xerox® Production Ready Finisher

Producessuperior quality finishing and stacking with built-in bi-directional decurler.Staple up to 100 sheets (90 gsm) uncoated and 35 sheets (90gsm) coated stock using standard or custom sizes (maximum 11.7 x17"/297 x 432 mm to minimum 7.2 x 5.7"/182 x146 mm) with variable-length staples on stocks up to 350 gsm. Add optionalPunch, Inserter or C/ZFolder.Includes two output trays, 500-sheet top tray, finish up to 3,000-sheet stacktray of maximum 13 x 19.21" (330 x 488 mm) to minimum 5.83 x 5.75"(148 x 146 mm).

Xerox® Production Ready Booklet MakerFinisher

Providesbooklet making with features of the Production Ready Finisher. Includes a thirdtray for saddle-stitch booklets up to 120 pages (30 sheets/90 gsm uncoated–25sheets/90 gsm coated). Includes a 500-sheet top tray and 2,000-sheet stacktray. Create big booklets (maximum sheet 13 x 19.2"/330 x 488 mm) to smallbooklets (7.17x 10.1"/182 x 257 mm) on uncoatedand coated stocks up to 350 gsm; half-fold unstapled up to 5 sheets (216 gsm)on stock up to 350 gsm.

Xerox® Production Ready Finisher Plus

Providessame function as the Production Ready Finisher with a 500-sheet top tray and2,000-sheet stacker tray. Used to connect third-party inline finishing options.

Xerox® Basic Punch

An option for punching 2/3, 2/4and Swedish 4-hole onthe ProductionReady Finisher and Booklet Maker using standardor custom sizes—maximum 11.69 x 17"/297 x 431.8 mm to minimum 8 x7.2"/203 x 182 mm (for 2 hole), 10 x 7.2"/254 x 182 mm (for3 hole) and 10.5 x 7.2"/267 x 182 mm (for 4 hole) on uncoated and coatedstocks up to 220 gsm.

Xerox® SquareFold® Trimmer

Createsflat finished booklets with the appearance of bound book-like edge; eliminateshingle effect with professional face trimup to 120 pages (30 sheets). Combine with the Two-Sided Trimmer for finished fullbleed booklets. For the Production Ready Booklet Maker Finisher.



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