4 Reasons You Need to Consider Document Digitization

February 17, 2022

Relying on paper documents for your business is no longer a necessity, it is a choice. Physical paper records take up valuable office space, require expensive resources to create, and take an enormous amount of effort to manage and keep secure. Not to mention, there are many more opportunities for human error in a paper record lifecycle than a digital document.

Scanning paper records and converting them to digital documents is a process known as document digitization. Here are a few reasons why converting your physical documents is likely the best decision for your business.

Access Anywhere and Anytime

Digital records can be automatically filed and made searchable for retrieval from any desktop or mobile device, eliminating the need for both physical storage space and paper documents susceptible to water and fire damage. That's a win, win.

Increase Efficiency and Save Time

Digital records stored in the cloud save time, increase efficiency and embrace remote work by eliminating the need to search and transfer physical files and forms via email, flash drive, etc. Switching from physical to cloud storage increases collaboration and embraces remote work by fostering easy file sharing in an instant, instead of sitting in a filing cabinet at the office two hours away.

Ditch the filing cabinets and say YES! to document digitization.

Manage Security Seamlessly

Protecting your sensitive documents is important, especially if the records you store contain confidential client data or payment information. Password-protected digital files lessen the chance of records being released, hacked, or stolen compared to their paper-based counterparts. For even greater protection, you have complete control over who can access your digital documents, making compliance with industry security regulations easier than ever before.

Decrease Your Environmental Impact

Choosing to use paper to store documents has a significant negative impact on the environment, considering both the storage and use of paper and the processes to produce and transport it. Going digital with your documents can help you make a positive contribution to the environment and your budget.

Time to Go Paperless with Document Digitization

Document digitization is a must in the new remote and hybrid work era. Change can be hard sometimes but with the right tools, processes, and support, the transition can be seamless and stress-free. CDS can help your business make a change for the better and convert all of your physical documents to digital files, investing in your business's longevity and security. Contact us here for a free personal digitization assessment.


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