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Large or small, we can tackle your need to convert your documents into digital files for easier retrieval and sharing. The Xerox - Complete Document Solutions Image Team provides project delivery and on-going operations for any size conversion project – from a large scale, centralized scanning project to a small volume project performed onsite at your location.

Why Digitize Your Environment?

You can probably think of some reasons why moving to digital is better, but here are a few of the most common:

Data Volume

Information is a vital resource, and there’s more of it than ever before. It needs to be processed quickly and securely, and paper just isn’t up to the job.

Pie Chart Showing Volume


Processes based on paper are inherently slow, cumbersome and error-prone. Digital processes are fast, responsive and accurate.

Computer and Clock Productivity


Removing paper from business nearly always means saving money, whether in terms of consumables, printer management, energy, productivity or storage costs.

Stack of Cash


If you don’t offer the best service at a competitive price, someone else will. And prospective customers want to be assured that they’ll be working with suppliers who use innovation in all aspects of their business. Being digital makes a statement about your market leadership.

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Customer Service

The faster and smarter you work, the better the service you deliver to customers. And by lowering your back-end printing and infrastructure costs, you free up funds and resources for front-of-house operations like marketing and customer service.

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Paper is inherently insecure. A printed sheet of customer data can go just about anywhere, anytime, with anyone. Keep it digital and you have far more control over who can access what. More importantly, you establish a full audit trail that shows your document’s chain of custody over its lifecycle.

Secure Data


Complying with privacy legislation is a lot easier when you know exactly where and how your records are stored, who has accessed them (and when), and what they’ve done with the document or record.


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