Have an Old Copier or Printer? Here's How Section 179 Can Help

October 21, 2021

What is Section 179?

Section 179 of the IRS tax code allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment (meaning copiers, printers, and MFPs) immediately, rather than depreciating the cost over the equipment's useful life.

How the Section 179 Deduction Works

Before Section 179 you could still deduct the cost of qualifying equipment, but it would be deducted in equal parts over the life span of said equipment. Now with Section 179, you can deduct the full purchase price upfront for the current tax year, meaning no more waiting. So yes, if you have that 8-year-old copier that is holding on for dear life, Section 179 can help you replace that old unit with a brand new machine and a full tax deduction for how much it cost you. We aren't talking just a couple $100 either, Section 179 can save you up to $1,050,000 for small businesses and even more for larger organizations. See below for an example of how much Section 179 can save your business with a new Xerox® AltaLink® C8155. Spoiler alert- it's a lot.

Example table of what you could save on office equipment if you utilize section 179.
Find out how Section 179 can help you get a new fully deductible printer TODAY.

How do you know if you qualify?

Now the next thing you're probably wondering is: "Okay, a copier that won't give me problems... that sounds great. But do I actually qualify?" Chances are that you do. CDS would love to walk you through how it works and get you a replacement copier today. Click here to have one of our experienced reps guide you through how Section 179 can benefit you and your business now.


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