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Step 1: You Are Here

You know you need help managing some aspect of your workflow. In fact it's probably why you're here! But figuring out where to begin is overwhelming, there are so many areas you could optimize, from digitizing your archives, to updating your equipment, to enhancing your IT services. With so many solutions and providers to choose from, and confusing terms like "managed services" thrown in the mix, its hard to understand which solution is best for you.

Luckily, CDS is here to help. We are committed to providing innovative technology and workflow solutiions that fit your specific business and budget, and are designed with the future in mind. This extends to helping you decide what services you need and - if you need them - before you sign a contract. We do this through our Optimization Plan.

Step 2: Defining Your Goals

The first step towards implementing a beneficial solution is understanding your goals. CDS will work with you to identify current pain points in your office, as well as things you hope to accomplish by partnering with a managed services provider. Whether you're experiencing inefficiencies in your current document management systems, looking to streamline workflows, want to update outdated equipment or technologies, or simply hope to reduce your overhead overall, we'll take note. These goals will serve as a guidepost that help us plan a solution custom-tailored for you.

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Step 3: Understanding Your Workflows

The next thing we'll do is take a comprehensive look at your current workflows processes. We'll do this by asking a ton of questions, things like:

  • "How does your office operate?"
  • "What physical hardware and software is in place?"
  • "What are you printing, and how much are you printing it?"
  • "Do you need IT support, or are you doing it in-house?"
  • "Are you working in paper or digital?"
  • "Are you in the cloud?"

Step 4: Setting Your Budgets

Once we have an idea of your goals and current operations, we work with you to define your budget. This budget can be allocated in a variety of ways, and will be done according to your priorities (we're talking about those goals you defined above!) We always look for ways to optimize your current spend, and oftentimes, by reallocating resources or optimizing technology upfront, it's possible to save money over time rather than increase your overall spend.

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Step 5: Your Recommendations

This is the fun part! Our team of experts will create a solution custom-tailored for you, based upon everything we learned about your business workflow. Our recommendations are very unique to each client, no two are the same, and the sky's the limit.

At the end of our process we'll provide you with a detailed, two-page plan that outlines everything we learned and present a solution that's best for you. This includes a timeline for implementation, broken down by sub-categories (equipment, document management, IT services).

With this plan in hand, you'll be able to see clearly and concretely how CDS can optimize your workflow and serve as your partner throughout the process. Before you decide to make - or not to make - any changes, you'll know exactly what to expect!