Two innovative voice solutions supporting workers of all levels and skill sets.

Global Artificial Business Intelligence, or Gabi, allows you to give verbal commands to your multifunction printers in a secure, Section 508 compliant manner.

Designed for the 21st Century Workplace

Today's workplace is a diverse environment full of users with different abilities and skill sets. You want to enable employees to utilize your equipment with minimal costs and training, but to do so without sacrificing security. Voice recognition technology helps you achieve this. According to TrendForce research, the global market value of voice recognition solutions is expected to grow from $2.61 billion USD in 2016 to $15.98 billion in 2021. "The main source of growth momentum will come from the widespread adoption of voice-based virtual assistants in various devices." That’s huge!

Gabi Solutions developed Gabi Voice and Gabi Go to make information technologically accessible. Gabi Go users can use several functions on your MFP simply by stating the wake-up word, “Gabi,” followed by an intuitive command. Just about anyone in your workforce will be able use Gabi Voice with minimal training.

Gabi Voice Overview

Gabi Voice is not just a name, but a Global Artificial Business Intelligence platform for the printing industry complying with 508c standards. Powered by the cognitive brain of IBM Watson, Gabi enables hands-free access to your multifunction printer.

Stay Secure

Powered by IBMWatson, Gabi voice commands are interpreted securely and accurately. No personal information is exchanged or stored with this solution.


Ensure Legislative Requirements

Gabi Voice is 508c compliant for use by employees with disabilities.


Increase Productivity

Voice commands save time. No need for manuals, icons, or menus.

Computer and Clock Productivity

Enable Workplace Independance

No commands to memorize. Basic commands are spoken in any order for the desired outcome.


Simply Convenient

Place a copier service call while at the device. Gabi gathers the pertinent service information along with your serial number and emails your copier service provider.

Wrench and Screwdriver

Gabi Go

Mobile technologies such as smartphones are increasingly popular and utilized not only for personal needs but for work-related tasks. Millennials in particular, a huge percentage of today’s workforce, increasingly prefer to use mobile devices and technology. This means employees may want to manage multifunction printers on-the-go. Granting access via smartphone comes with inherent risks, however, and security must be considered.

What is it?

Gabi Go is a mobile application enabling you to harness the power of Gabi voice recognition technology on your smartphone or mobile device. This enables employees to access the copiers from anywhere, giving them the flexibility they want. Gabi Go utilizes multi factor authentication and a gold standard of security so access to the MFP is always secure. It also reports on any activity to minimize risks.

How it works

Gabi Go’s 1-to-10 Gabi Smartbox allows your workforce to establish a flawless connection to your Xerox AltaLink fleet and connect to up to 10 MFPs at a time. The product’s multi-factor authentication is the gold standard, using Touch ID on the Gabi Go mobile app and offering a higher level of security as opposed to card-based user identification on your Xerox AltaLink. It also offers top user experience via touch & voice, allowing employees to execute tasks flawlessly in seconds rather than minutes.

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