Copy Your Documents, Not Your Germs!

Only Xerox® Gabi® Voice Recognition Enabled MFPs Provide Touchless, Safe,Secure, and Accessible Solutions.

Safe, Secure, and Accessible Solutions for Office Technology

Touchless Voice Control for Xerox® Office Equipment Minimizes Physical Contact Without Slowing You Down

  • Today’s workers expect shared office spaces to be Safe, Clean, and Germ-Free; however, studies show that they can be up to 400x more prone to germs and bacteria over a public restroom
  • Utilizing a touchless solution helps secure the physical safety and health of your workforce
  • Turn minutes into seconds by executing flawless commands through voice
  • Workers with visual or physical impairments can interact with their equipment independently

Physical, Electronic, and Process Level Security Keep Your Corporate and Employee Data Safe

  • All data processed by Gabi is fully encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Only approved, white-listed commands may be executed starting with the local Hot Word
  • Unlike competitors, no user voice recordings are stored, leaving Zero Digital Footprint
  • Integration Capability with 3rd Party CRMs (like SalesForce®) & Document Management Systems
  • Local AI Engine Option ensures all traffic stays behind your firewall

Touchless and Germ-Free

Minimize physical interactions with shared office equipment, providing a cleaner workspace for your employees.


Stay Secure - HIPPA Compliant

Powered by IBMWatson, Gabi voice commands are interpreted securely and accurately. No personal information is exchanged or stored with this solution.


Meets Legislative Requirements

Gabi Voice is 508c/EAA compliant for use by employees with disabilities.


Increase Productivity

Voice commands save time. No need for manuals, icons, or menus.

Computer and Clock Productivity

Enable Workplace Independance

No commands to memorize. Basic commands are spoken in any order for the desired outcome.


Simply Convenient

Place a copier service call while at the device. Gabi gathers the pertinent service information along with your serial number and emails your copier service provider.

Wrench and Screwdriver

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