Mailing Solutions

CDS can help you manage your mailing workflows.

CDS helps you automate processes that used to be manual, increase efficiency, and decrease costs associated with the mail you send and receive. Mailing services utilize technology including intelligent capture and data processing, and are one of the many ways CDS can help your business. CDS is an Authorized Quadient Partner.

Mailing Meter Systems

Whether sending a handful of mail pieces per day or thousands, CDS can find you the right mailing system for any workspace and mailing volume. With easy-to-follow rate wizards, and dynamic in-line weighing and rating, Quadient mailing systems make it easy to quickly and accurately meter mail for the most cost effective postage rate.

Folder Inserters

Folder-inserters fold documents and fill envelopes at high speeds, allowing you to get mailings out faster and with less labor costs. These smart systems can even program themselves based on the types of materials you load in the document trays. Simply load and go!

Mailroom Technician

Onsite Support

Our expertise in the workplace extends to providing on-site labor to manage your mailroom. Mailrooms can also provide an opportunity for cost-savings by combining with your print shop. Our on-site associates are experts at utilizing your existing equipment, making recommendations for future equipment, and helping you get the most out of your office technology investments.

Arrows showing incoming and outgoing

Inbound & Outbound Management

In a business environment carriers typically drop off packages at a company’s designated receiving area. It then becomes the company’s responsibility to deliver those packages to the intended recipients.The more packages a company receives, the more critical it becomes to have an accountable process for keeping track of them – especially if high-value contents are sometimes involved. CDS offers scalable solutions to give you visibility of your packages and ensure they reach the intended employee the day it arrives.

And whether you send a few parcels a day or thousands of packages a week, when it comes to shipping, two things are certain: costs keep rising, and the rules keep changing. Developing a shipping process that makes it easy to determine which carrier can deliver a package on-time for the lowest price is not easy. Organizations on average overspend by 20% of their total shipping spend.

Data Being Cleaned

Data Cleansing

Bad addresses infiltrate business databases every day. Often, no one realizes until mail pieces sent days or even weeks ago come back to your office decorated with yellow stickers. Now the fun begins. Research and correct the address. Reprint the documents and stuff them in afresh envelope. Apply more postage, and mail it out again. At least $3 wasted per piece. But, it can get much worse. Incorrectly addressed invoices hamper your cash flow, and shipments to the wrong address can lose customers. CDS can help you remedy your databases, reach your customers, and save money.

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