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Thousands of customers have trusted in CDS as their MPS Provider.

Gain visibility into your printing costs with centralized management of all your print devices including desktop laser printers, copiers, and multifunction printers. This means no more worrying about running out of toner, what inventory you have on site, or what you need to order. We use industry leading technologies to proactively monitor and manage your entire printing infrastructure, streamlining your operations and reducing overall spend.

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Our Process


Assessment - Our team of experts will examine your entire workflow to see how your  organization creates, manages, and prints documents. Our cutting-edge tools help you realize further cost savings by redirecting print jobs to the right copiers and laser printers. One of our Managed Print Advisors can also identify which printers are costing you the most and make recommendations for more cost-effective equipment.


Implementation - Implementation has the greatest likelihood of being disruptive to your organization, so CDS takes a proactive approach to mitigate any disturbance in your day-to-day operations. The three basic factors we use to mitigate disturbances and ensure successful implementation are adequate planning, installation timeliness, and frequent communication.


Optimization - Our services allow you to continually improve your print environment, bringing it from good to great. Our Managed Print Advisors conduct regular reviews to make informed recommendations and optimize your fleet and workflow on an ongoing basis well beyond the initial implementation. These insightful reviews help you align your printing needs to your strategic plan and budget.

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CDS can help solve your print challenges

Nearly half of all IT calls are related to printers. With the average user printing 4 times as much as they copy and making over 10,000 prints per year, your IT department could use a break. Eliminate printing-related issues lets them focus on helping your business where they're needed most.

Proactive Print Monitoring

CDS is able to analyze a comprehensive set of variables to determine exactly when your printers need supplies. This approach is more accurate than monitoring percentage of depletion, which does not take into account actual usage patterns. Because of this, you will get supplies before they are needed eliminating rush, overnight orders and the costly “emergency” stock that you previously needed to meet urgent orders.

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Unparalleled Printer & Copier Service

Our comprehensive management tools proactively identify when a device needs repair or copier service, which is often before you are aware it’s down. A live-answer phone triage can help resolve minor issues and get your copiers and laser printers up and running quickly.

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Predictable (Lower) Costs

If a printer or mfp device needs supplies, copier service, or replacement, your budget will not take an unexpected hit. You no longer need (sometimes obsolete) supplies sitting in stockrooms, or to have multiple employees purchasing for the same devices at different times.

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